When Shah Rukh Khan Blamed ‘Raahu-Ketu’ For His Infamous Brawl With Salman Khan & Him Slapping Farah Khan’s Husband Shirish Kunder, “Meri Kuch Chal Rahi Thi Ulti Dasha”

Shah Rukh Khan once defended slapping Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder, and his brawl with Salman Khan, with the most hilarious reply!

When Shah Rukh Khan Blamed 'Raahu-Ketu' For His Infamous Brawl With Salman Khan & Him Slapping Farah Khan's Husband Shirish KunderShah Rukh Khan Once Blamed His Stars For His Huge Fights With Salman Khan & Shirish Kunder(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the wittiest stars, apart from being the brightest. He seldom loses his cool, but there was a time when a lot was reported about him and his anger went way out of hand. Be it his public fight with the security at Wankhede Stadium or his infamous brawl with Salman Khan. There have been reports of SRK even slapping Farah Khan’s husband, Shirish Kunder, at a party!

Yes, you read that right. Reports stated that the Pathaan superstar could not handle his temper many times, and his over-the-top fights and scuffles made their way to the media. It was the time when SRK was ruling the world with his charm and box office success. Some claimed that it was the success that went into his head, but the superstar once blamed his stars and astrology for the same.

The Jawan actor was asked about these infamous brawls during one of his appearances in Aap Ki Adalat. Host Rajat Sharma and SRK discussed his Wankhede incident at length, where he accepted his mistake and rendered an apology, explaining his side of the story, which you might read here.

Later, the host further asked him about the time when he fought with Salman Khan over Katrina Kaif and slapped Shirish Kunder. “…Yeh wahi time hai jab aapne Salman ke saath hathapai ki thi Katrina ke liye.”

Shah Rukh Khan, who looked visibly embarrassed, wore his witty armor and hilariously blamed astrology for his stars not behaving in the correct manner. He cheekily defended himself and replied, “Main pehle jyotishi par maanta nahi tha, wo saari cheezein jab ulti dasha chalti hai, jab raahu aata hai. Main pehle maanta nahi tha. Ye sab dakiyanoosi baatein hain. Aisa kuch scientific nahi hai, lekin meri kuch chal rahi thi ulti dasha.”

For the unversed, it was reported that the Om Shanti Om star could not handle a joke that was aimed at Ra. One’s budget and box office, and while Shirish Kunder cracked the joke on social media, he had to face the wrath of SRK at a party. “I just heard a 150 crore firework fizzle,” wrote Shirish on his social media account.

Later, he met SRK at Sanjay Dutt’s party, and while there was no clear reason reported, it was indeed reported that he was pinned on a Sofa and slapped hard by Shah Rukh Khan until Sanjay Dutt separated the two.

The infamous fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan also happened in one of the parties. Videos and pictures of Katrina Kaif almost crying and making an exit from the party were all over the internet for years. While none knew what really happened that made the superstars go for each other’s collars and chest-thumping, reports claimed that it was some indecent remark about Kat. Some gossip even mentioned it was related to Aishwarya Rai, but it all is buried in the past, and none dug it out.

Well, the good part is all the stars have lived up to ‘let bygones be bygones.’ While Bhai and SRK are ruling the screens as Tiger and Pathaan, he renewed his friendship with Farah Khan again.

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