Karan Johar Once Mocked Mallika Sherawat For Saying She Could Perform ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ Better Than Kareena Kapoor Khan, Internet Attacks “It Was Her Game, Mayya Mayya Is An Example”

Karan Johar could not control his hysterical laugh, while Mallika Sherawat claimed she is better than Kareena Kapoor Khan. Netizens react.

Karan Johar Once Mocked Mallika Sherawat For Saying She Could Perform 'Yeh Mera Dil' Better Than Kareena Kapoor Khan, Internet Attacks

Karan Johar Once Mocked Murder Actress Mallika Sherawat For Claiming She Is A Better Dancer Than Kareena Kapoor Khan (Picture Credit: Instagram, IMDB & Youtube)

Karan Johar is a man who generally bears the brunt of being unapologetically honest and speaking his mind. His episodes from Koffee with Karan, however reek of privilege and elitism as per the audience who believe that the host was categorically mean to some on his show, which ideally should not be the case, since he is hosting them.

We caught hold of one such episode when Mallika Sherawat graced the infamous Koffee Couch and gave her two cents about whatever she was asked. However, it was not her answers, which might have been a tad overconfident, which were the major problem. It was Karan Johar’s right on her face digs and sarcasm, which did not go down well with the netizens.

In a resurfaced clip, which was shared by an Instagram handle warpaintjournal, Karan Johar is seen asking Mallika Sherawat an item number she thinks she would have done better. The actress, in a jiffy, replies, “Ye Mera Dil”. The filmmaker asserts with a frown, “You could have done it better than Kareena?” And Mallika replies with the same confidence, “Yes!”

However, the filmmaker does not stop grilling her and continues, “Why?”. Mallika Sherawat declares, “Because, I am better!” Karan Johar immediately breaks into a hysterical laugh right at her face! The video did not go down well with the netizens who called out KJo’s snooty behaviour and surprisingly agreed with Mallika Sherawat.

A user commented, “People bashing Mallika here have forgotten her “Mayya Mayya” from Guru.” Another comment read, “She could have done all the item number better than any other actresses.” A third comment read, “Actually she’s better.”

An irked comment read, “I don’t understand why this man is so fond of Kareena and Alia….yes, by far they are better, and there may come people that are actually better! Accept it!” Another sigh of a comment said, ”
Karan Johar and his obsession with Kareena and Alia.” A user pointed out, “The audacity to ask why??”

There was much empathy and appreciation for Mallika as people showered love on her, remembering her brilliant dance moves in Mayya Mayya. A user commented, “She would have killed those roles. It was her genre.” “She nailed Mayya Mayya,” wrote another user. One more comment asserted, “She would have slayed.”

You can check out the video here:

Who do you think between Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor Khan would have nailed the Don 2 item number ‘Ye Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Deewana’. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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