Dunki Drop 1: Is Shah Rukh Khan Starrer’s Opening ‘Skeleton’ Shot Copied From Ammy Virk’s Punjabi Film ‘Aaja Mexico Challiye’? Digging Deep Into This Claim, Here’s What We Found!

After a shot from Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Drop 1 was compared to a Punjabi film, Aaja Mexico Challiye, we tried digging deep.

Dunki Drop 1: Is Shah Rukh Khan Starrer's Opening 'Skeleton' Shot Copied From Ammy Virk's Punjabi Film 'Aaja Mexico Challiye'? Here's What We Know!

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Drop 1 Scene Is Compared To Another Scene From A Punjabi Film (Photo Credit – YouTube; IMDb)

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki has recently dropped its teaser, which was called Dunki Drop 1. The teaser was dropped on the superstar’s birthday, November 2, and received mixed reactions all over the internet. While some claimed that de-aging SRK so much without any reason made no sense and looked superficial, others were happy and now expect a hilarious film by the superstar.

Helmed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film also stars Tapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, and others. Now, as the teaser has been watched and re-watched, people have been eagle-eyed and observant to find mistakes as well.

Earlier, we told you how netizens spotted a major glitch in Dunki Drop 1, where a background dancer suddenly appeared and disappeared in a dance sequence. Now, another tweet regarding a concern for the film has been spotted. A user shared two screenshots, and both of them were very similar in nature.

The first screenshot is from Dunki, which is the opening scene where Shah Rukh Khan, along with a group of people, is walking in a desert, probably ready to cross a border. As they walk past the frame, a skeleton lying on the ground is visible, which isn’t the focus but visible enough to grab attention. The second screenshot in this tweet is from a Punjabi film, Aaja Mexico Challiye, starring Ammy Virk.

However, the tweet claims that the scenes are copied, we would disagree. However, the essence of the scene, that is, the skull, is definitely copied. Both scenes show a skull lying on the ground as people cross the border. However, that is also too far a coincidence to be copied for a scene unless it has a reference!

We tried digging out facts or reasons as to why such a specific reference has been used in both films, which deals with the crossing of International borders in general. While scrolling through the internet, we found spine-chilling news that at least we weren’t aware of.

In 2014, the Associated Press reported a large number of skeletal remains discovered by Mexican officials. The website reported, “Mexican officials have discovered hundreds of skeletal remains scattered on ranches in a stretch of towns along the U.S.- Mexico border as they carried out a wide search to locate missing people.” Moreover, the report shared the ordeals of family members of a lot of missing people.

Now, this might have been a major report and thus might have appeared in both films, which have been rumored to be based on the same subject – Illegal immigration.

However, this is just our assumption based on what we found on the internet amidst two scenes from two entirely different films having the same tone.

So, if you see this tweet getting viral, we hope that you know the reason why the scenes and shots look the same and not jump the gun along with the ‘copy-shaming’ trend after every poster, teaser, and trailer release!

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