DID YOU KNOW? Lady Gaga Once CRUSHED Shah Rukh Khan’s Hopes Of Ever DATING Her; Says, ‘Absolutely No Way Am I Dating You’

The initial parts of the video will surely make you smile, but the later parts will make you cringe, so we suggest you process it at your own risk

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It’s no secret, Shah Rukh Khan is the King of Romance and millions of his fans across the globe. But, for a person who has set new benchmarks in regard to romance, his being rejected surely comes as a great deal. Well, the actor wasn’t rejected by Gauri Khan, but it was international pop star Lady Gaga who broke SRK’s heart.

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A new viral video on Reddit has spread like wildfire and it saw the New York-born artist completely crushing SRK’s hopes of dating her. Moreover, the initial parts of the video will surely make you smile, but the later part of the video will make you cringe, so we suggest you process it at your own risk. 

The clip begins with an audience member asking Lady Gaga, “Would you like to date Shah Rukh Khan?” After a few moments and repeating the question, Lady Gaga says, “You’re married! Absolutely not.”

While she looked unhappy with the question, King Khan – who was beside her on the couch, covered his face and enjoyed a little laugh.

Moments later, Shah Rukh Khan directed a question to the general public, asking, “Arey, who told her about this marriage thing of mine yaar?” Responding to this statement, Lady Gaga said, “I am a good girl. I don’t believe in that.” To which King Khan interrupted, saying, “I’m a good boy. And I believe in that.”

To lighten up the mood, Gaga said that she knows SRK is a good boy but added, “I’m a one-guy girl and I’m old fashioned that way. So absolutely no way (would I date you, SRK).” Acting sad over being rejected by Gaga, he said, “See, that’s my hopes to the ground.”

Well, the funny banter between Shah Rukh and Lady Gaga will surely put a smile on your face. However, the singer looks uncomfortable as SRK goes overboard and tries to make her take his watch.

Lady Gaga educating Shahrukh Khan on how extra-marital affair is wrong and that NO means NO.
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During this cringe-worthy moment, the pop star tries stopping him by saying, “I don’t want your watch,” as he starts taking off the accessory. Nevertheless, the Jawan actor

As the ‘Pathaan’ actor crawls on the couch to get closer to her, while the ‘Shallow’ singer tries making herself into a ball before telling King Khan to give the watch to a fan after SRK goes overboard and tries to make her take his watch.

For those unaware, Shah Rukh Khan is married to Gauri Khan and they share three kids – Aryan Kahn, Suhana Khan, and AbRam Khan.

As for Lady Gaga, she is reportedly in a relationship with businessman Michael Polansky. The duo – first spotted kissing at a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas as they rang in 2020, were recently seen together when they attended the official Saturday Night Live cast afterparty in New York City this month.

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