Alia Bhatt’s shocking Fight with neetu kapoor infront of media at animal success party! Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Pens ‘Sooraj Ki Tarah Jalna Seekho’ After Neetu Calls Ranbir Her ‘Sooraj’: Claim Netizens


A Reddit user joined the dots between Alia Bhatt’s IG story, where she shared a quote related to ‘sooraj’ soon after her ‘saasu maa’, Neetu Kapoor’s post with her son, Ranbir Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt Pens 'Sooraj Ki Tarah Jalna Seekho' After Neetu Calls Ranbir Her 'Sooraj': Claim Netizens

Alia Bhatt is happily married to the man of her dreams, Ranbir Kapoor and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Raha Kapoor. In addition, Alia also shares a beautiful relationship with her mother-in-law, Neetu Kapoor. Proof of the same has often been found when the saas-bahu duo rooted for one another for their films and other successes. However, since the success party of Ranbir’s film, Animal, netizens are suspecting a tension between Neetu and Alia.

Netizen claims Alia Bhatt takes a dig at Neetu Kapoor’s post

Recently, a Reddit user joined the dots between Alia Bhatt and her mother-in-law’s posts one after the other. It was initially when Neetu shared an adorable photo with her son, Ranbir, who was seen massaging her feet. The moment was simply priceless and sharing it, Neetu penned, ‘Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu…. But itna seedha bhi nahi hai tu.’ Neetu’s post was liked by Alia’s mom, Soni Razdan too. However, unlike other times, the daughter-in-law didn’t react to it. Moreover, Alia took to her IG stories and shared a quote which read:

‘Agar tum suraj ki tarah chamakna chahte ho, toh pehele sooraj ki tarah jalna seekho.’

Netizens reacted to Alia’s post following her MIL, Neetu’s post regarding ‘sooraj’

Soon, netizens started reacting to it and discussed about the alleged cold war going on between Neetu and Alia. However, many others also mentioned that Alia keeps posting such meaningful quotes on her IG handle. Many netizens also laughed at the actress for sharing such a note and mentioned how one could pen such a thing after not going through any kind of struggle in their career. While one user wrote, ‘She keeps posting these kinds of inspirational quotes on her stories. It’s not her first time …lol’, another mentioned:

‘Sahab dekhiye, ghar mein saas bahu ke beech coldness and bitterness to rehta hi hai, upad se Neetu ji quit her illustrious career for family values, now that Chintu ji is no more, family is all she has, to lazim hai.’

Netizens spotted Alia Bhatt’s awkwardness with Neetu Kapoor at Animal’s success party

At Animal’s success party, Alia and Ranbir were seen accompanied by Neetu Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt while posing for the shutterbugs. Alia was seen walking in the front, followed by Mahesh, whereas Neetu held Ranbir close as they graced the red carpet. However, a Reddit user shared the video with a caption, that read, ‘Is it just me or Alia and Neetu look a little awkward with one another? They are making no eye contact with each other.’ Soon netizens started reacted to it by talking about the minor clash between Neetu and Alia just like any saas-bahu.

Watch the video here.

Neetu Kapoor once shared a cryptic note on families not being the same

Earlier, Alia’s saasu maa, Neetu took to her IG handle and shared a cryptic note. In the note, she talked about how families are not the same anymore as they have buried the people who would keep them together. Well, it should be noted that the post was after Neetu’s daughter-in-law, Alia gave her birthday a miss. Neetu’s note could be read as:

‘The reason why our families are not the same anymore, is because we buried the ones who used to keep the family together.’

What do you think about Neetu and Alia’s posts one after the other? Let us know!

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