Queen of Dumb Statements- Sonam Kapoor

Forget Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor is actually the queen of ‘controversial’ statements

Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor have been called out for their seemingly ‘dumb’ statements, but instead, Sonam Kapoor is the queen of giving away mindless interviews.


Not so long ago, Alia Bhatt became public enemy number one for not being able to answer a simple general knowledge question on Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan. Similarly, Kareena Kapoor also has been credited for making ‘dumb’ statements on many occasions. However, Anil Kapoor’s loving daughter and fashionista Sonam Kapoor is seemingly the queen of controversial statements.

Coming from such a reputed family, she has, on many occasions made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actress appears to lack a brain-mouth filter sometimes, which isn’t a good sign for any public figure.

Sonam Kapoor


It seems that Sonam Kapoor tends to live in her own bubble and she has an opinion about everything, which has many times landed her into hot waters. With that said, here are some of Sonam Kapoor’s unfiltered and most obnoxious statements that made her sound stupid and dumb.

1) If You’re Not Good Looking, They Think You Are A Good Actor…

‘If you’re not good looking, they think you are a good actor. Just because you look ordinary and you talk loud doesn’t mean you’re a good actress,’ said Sonam when asked about how she feels when she isn’t being talked about as being a good actor.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam KapoorTWITTER

2) I’m Already An Icon In My 20s

‘I am considered an icon in my 20s whereas people are considered icons when they turn 40 or after they’re dead,’ said Sonam on being a fashion icon.

Sonam Kapoor Parineeti Chopra

Sonam Kapoor Parineeti ChopraTWITTER

3) When Sonam Advised Parineeti Chopra On Tight Clothes

‘Don’t wear those tight clothes,’ said Sonam while giving some fashion advice to Parineeti Chopra. This is quite absurd as we know what she is pointing out. Maybe Parineeti is not a fashionista, but she has time and again proven her mettle with acting and has a National award nomination too.

4) The Connection Between Acting And Good-Looks

‘People make so-called Art Films, why do they have to take like not good-looking people, like why?’ said an actress who has been ridiculed for her acting performances on many occasions.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam KapoorTWITTER

5) Bollywood Needs To Take Fashion Advice From Sonam Kapoor

‘I would give a sense of fashion to the entire industry! They all suck!’, she said.

6) Ranbir Kapoor Needs A Stylist…

‘Ranbir is not sexy unless he strips!’ and ‘ Ranbir needs a stylist’, said Sonam, but we beg to disagree because Ranbir Kapoor is actually one of the hottest and sexist actors of Bollywood industry.

Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir KapoorTWITTER

7) Sonam’s Distasteful Advice To Vidya Balan

‘Dress like yourself’ – Sonam’s fashion advice to Vidya Balan. Well, Bollywood is not just the place to flaunt your fashion style but to showcase your acting skills which Vidya Balan has surely did. Vidya has time and again proven her talent and meteoric rise as an actor. So, we wonder why such remarks?

Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan

Sonam Kapoor and Vidya BalanTWITTER

8) Sonam Kapoor’s Disrespectful Reply To Shobhaa De

After Shobhaa De had commented on Sonam Kapoor’s sex appeal, the latter replied with this statement: ‘For a 60- something Porn Writer, I am sure she knows what she’s talking.’

9) When Sonam Said People Praise Her All The Time!

‘I never get bad reviews or comments, people praise me all the time. ‘ Well, that funny what’s all this about then:

10) When Sonam Clearly Needed To Brush Up On Her GK…

‘Robert De Niro’ was the answer of a self-acclaimed icon when she was asked by Karan Johar, on Koffee With Karan, ‘Who said, ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind?’

Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

Sonam Kapoor and Deepika PadukoneTWITTER

11) Deepika Padukone Doesn’t Have Her Own Style

‘Deepika doesn’t have her own style,’ said Sonam on Deepika’s sense of fashion. Clearly, Sonam needs to understand that Bollywood is more than just style, fashion and all things glam.

Sonam Kapoor Aishwraya Rai

Sonam Kapoor Aishwraya RaiTWITTER

12) When Sonam Called Aishwarya Rai ‘Aunty’

‘Aishwarya Rai is an ‘Aunty’ from another generation!!!’ Sonam said, ‘Ash has worked with my dad so I have to call her Aunty Na?’ Clearly, there is a sense of lack of respect here.

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