Maheep Kapoor talks about her journey to discover her identity and shares, ‘I am no longer just a mother, a wife…’

Maheep Kapoor on finding her identity: ‘I’m not Shanaya’s mom or Sanjay’s wife anymore…’

On being asked how similar the Maheep Kapoor we see on Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives is to the one in real life, she said, ’10 on 10. That’s me. I can’t fake it’.

Bollywood Wives: Everything To Know About Maheep Sanjay Kapoor
Maheep Kapoor will soon be seen on the third season of Fabulous Lives vs Bollywood Wives. (Photo: Maheep Kapoor/Instagram)

She starred in Ila Arun’s 1994 song Nigodi Kaisi Jawani Hai, but ever since, Maheep Kapoor has played hide-and-seek with the limelight. However, towards the end of 2020, things suddenly changed for her, and around her, with the release of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, a reality television series on Netflix.

In it, she stars alongside Neelam Kothari Soni, Bhavana Pandey, and Seema Kiran Sajdeh. Ask her if she was apprehensive about starring in the show, in which she plays herself, and she answers in the affirmative, but is quick to add that it has also ‘given her so much’.

All geared up for the third season of the much-awaited series, Maheep Kapoor talks to about her biggest fear about doing the show, the best and worst thing about being a Bollywood wife and mother, her take on style, finding her identity, and those pair of binoculars she owns! Read the edited excerpts below:

Do you really own those binoculars and keep tabs on famous people in Bollywood?

Maheep Kapoor: Yes, I do. It’s in my living room. It was gifted to me by my dad years ago. And yes, I did watch all of Abhishek’s (Bachchan) baraat, which made me feel like I was at the wedding.

Why did you decide to do the show? Were you not apprehensive about opening the doors of your house or life to the public?

Maheep Kapoor: I was quite apprehensive about doing the show. It could lead to scrutiny, people judging, and not understanding me for who I am.

So, it was a big worry for me. My biggest problem is when people don’t understand or get me. I find it very frustrating. And I find it to be an extremely big turn-on when I find people who get what I’m saying!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how similar is the Maheep we see on the show to you in real life?

Maheep Kapoor: 10 on 10. That’s me. I can’t fake it.

The show did bring you back to the spotlight. But, did you also think it affected your mental peace? How will it be perceived?

Maheep Kapoor: No, I feel it has given me too much. Look, I’ve just made this fabulous video for KFC’s International Burger Fest. So, I mean, it’s all good. God has been kind.

Much like you ask Arhan Khan and his friends, What about your life? Do you think it’s interesting that people would watch it as a part of the show?

Maheep Kapoor: Well, we’re in season 3. So, I’m assuming that they’re very interested. Let’s see where Arhan’s show goes. I am super excited for him and wish him all the luck for this one!

The best and worst thing about being a Bollywood wife, and now also a Bollywood mother?

Maheep Kapoor: The best thing about being a Bollywood wife is all the love we get from people. And the opportunities that have come my way…And it’s given me my name. I’m not Shanaya’s mom or Sanjay’s wife anymore. I am Maheep Kapoor. So, I’m very grateful for that. It’s given me an identity. And frankly, I can’t even think of a bad thing honestly, let alone the worst thing!

Maheep Kapoor Maheep Kapoor along with her Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives co-stars Bhavana Pandey, Seema Sajdeh, and Neelam Kothari Soni. (Photo: PR handout)

You’re often seen matching steps with your daughter when it comes to fashion. What is your style mantra?

Maheep Kapoor: It keeps evolving. But now, when I’m putting on weight, I’m only trying to find comfortable things. So, that’s my biggest challenge.

What do Kapoor get-togethers look like? Who among you all is the best host? And why would you say that?

Maheep Kapoor: A lot of fun, chatter, and food! Without a doubt, hands down, my sister-in-law Sunita Kapoor is the best host. I mean, you walk into a house, the decor, the food, the service, it’s like… I’m yet to come to a home where it’s so amazing and lavish and stunning and warm as my sister-in-law’s.

Who is your 3 am friend?

Maheep Kapoor: I’m the 3am friend, actually. People call me up in the middle of the night! It’s never the other way around. But, if I had to pick one person, it would be my husband.

Maheep Kapoor On Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives' Season 2: "It Depends On Netflix"

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