KWK 8: Deepika Padukone is absolutely, positively, Alia Bhatt’s ‘senior,’ and there is ‘no competition.’

Alia Bhatt emphatically stated, ‘No, why would she be? She is my senior. There is no competition,’ when asked about Deepika Padukone being her competition during the rapid-fire round on Koffee With Karan 8. Refusing to claim the title of the best actress in the country, Alia, despite Kareena’s encouragement, expressed, ‘Most definitely not.’ When prompted by Karan to name the current best actress in the country, Alia modestly replied, ‘There are many, I am definitely not it.’

KWK 8: Alia Bhatt emphatically states that Deepika Padukone is her 'senior' and there is 'no competition'
Alia Bhatt made it apparent that she doesn’t see Deepika Padukone as a rival when she appeared with Kareena Kapoor on the most recent episode of Koffee With Karan 8. When Kareena was asked by Karan if she thought Deepika would be a competitor during the rapid-fire round, Kareena shifted the topic to Alia, saying it was more appropriate for her. Alia spoke right away, denying that Deepika and her were in competition and recognizing Deepika as an elder in the business.
Alia Bhatt declared with conviction, ‘No, why would she be? She’s older than me.
In response to a question regarding Deepika Padukone as her rival during the rapid-fire round on Koffee With Karan 8, she said, ‘There is no competition.’ Alia declined Kareena’s urging to declare herself the nation’s top actress, saying, ‘Most definitely not.’ In response to Karan’s question on who the finest actress in the nation right now is, Alia said, ‘There are many, I am definitely not it.’ with humility.
As soon as Karan asked Kareena to choose the finest actress in the nation right then and there, she quickly said, ‘I would say Alia.’ But even though Alia was grateful for the remark, she respectfully declined the idea. ‘It’s a huge compliment, but I honestly don’t believe it,’ she said. To be honest, I really do try to be the best; otherwise, what would be the use of my efforts? I am thus not at my best yet.’
Alia was asked a question about Deepika during her rapid-fire Q&A. Regarding the one thing Alia would like to inherit from Deepika, she said, ‘Her screen presence.’ She elaborated on her response, saying, ‘You can’t help but stare at her when she appears on TV. Therefore, I would adore having that.

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