Katrina Kaif Recalled Facing A Near-D*ath Moment, Revealed The Only Person She Thought About: Deets Inside!

Throwback to when Katrina Kaif revealed a terrifying experience she had while filming an action sequence, and how she felt near d#ath at the time.

When Katrina Kaif talked about facing a near-d#ath experience while pulling off a chopper-based stunt

Katrina Kaif has distinguished herself among her contemporaries by performing daring stunts and action sequences in several of her films. But once, when she was finishing an action scene involving a helicopter, she was completely terrified. In an interview with Nykaa, Katrina provided additional details, describing how the helicopter abruptly began to descend in the middle of a stormy weather trap. She also disclosed the one person who was on her mind a great deal during that near-d#ath encounter. She stated:

“I was on a chopper once and it got really turbulent and the chopper, all of the sudden, started plunging down. At that moment I was like God… this is the end. The end of my life and I remember, in that moment, thinking only one thing and that was, I hope my mom is going to be okay.”

When Katrina talked about his father-in-law, Sham Kaushal’s reaction to her action scenes

Katrina Kaif is married to actor Vicky Kaushal. In a previous interview, Katrina discussed her father-in-law Sham Kaushal’s response to her action scenes with India Today, as the movie was being promoted. In case you missed it, Sham is a gifted action director in Bollywood. Commenting on her scenes, the actress disclosed his thoughts as follows:

“The love and support I have got from my family is just so special. Sham ji, my father-in-law, is a very senior action director, so he was the happiest to hear praises for Zoya’s action scenes. He said, ‘You have made me very proud. Everyone is saying you do action so well’. So that was really special for me. Vicky also loved the film and he said that Zoya’s character was well presented in the film. It didn’t matter if it was a particular actor, but the way the character had a graph that stayed constant throughout the film, was very interesting.”

Katrina Kaif inspires husband, Vicky Kaushal to focus on fitness

In an interview with Lallantop, popular fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala discussed Katrina Kaif’s fitness journey and revealed her influence on her husband, Vicky Kaushal. Yasmin disclosed that her husband Vicky had begun to pay attention to his body and well-being because of the actress. She stated: “Vicky Kaushal has started paying attention to his body after being with Katrina.”

Katrina Kaif shared how she pushes herself to do tough action sequences

Previously, during a promotional interview for her film Tiger 3, Katrina revealed details about filming several action sequences and how she pushes herself to do the difficult scenes. The actress disclosed how she made an imaginary alter ego of herself and handled the situations, revealing how she handles the painful aspect involved.


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