Internet Divided As Deepika Padukone’s Bikini In ‘Fighter’ Upsets Some Actress Accused Of ‘Degrading’ Women Pilots

Here we go again!

Deepika Padukone’s choice of attire in the upcoming movie “Fighter” has sparked controversy once again, drawing criticism from a segment of the Indian audience. The actress, seen in a bikini alongside Hrithik Roshan in the film’s teaser, has been accused of ‘degrading’ the image of women pilots, particularly her character Squadron Leader Minal Rathore in the Indian Air Force.

Fighter: Deepika Padukone's new poster, character details out |

While anticipation runs high among fans eager to witness the on-screen chemistry between Deepika and Hrithik, some online users express discontent with the actress.

Critics argue that portraying a woman pilot in a bikini on a beach contradicts the cultural values of India. One user emphasized, “It is degrading our women fighter pilots. Every country and culture has its set of beliefs. No Indian will appreciate such a perverted portrayal of our Brave IAF women fighter pilots.”


The criticism directed at Deepika Padukone extends to her personal life, referencing a previous instance where she wore a bikini and danced with Shah Rukh Khan in the song “Besharam Rang” from the movie “Pathaan.”

Interestingly, the focus of condemnation appears to be solely on Deepika, with no similar uproar over Hrithik Roshan being shirtless on the beach. This discrepancy raises questions about the unequal expectations placed on male and female officers regarding the off-duty representation of the Indian Air Force.

While some social media users admonish Deepika for her on-screen choices, others come to her defense, highlighting that women pilots are entitled to a life outside their duties.

One user retorted,
“So our IAF pilots don’t have an intimate life with their loved ones?” and another emphasized, “Personal life is also a thing. So Brave IAF women can’t have fun according to you.”

Notably, the critique aimed at Deepika contrasts with the relative lack of uproar during the release of “Animal,” starring Ranbir Kapoor, where depictions of violence against women were prominent. This inconsistency prompts observations about the differing reactions to entertainment content and raises questions about societal attitudes towards female actors and their choices.

In the face of the controversy, Deepika Padukone has previously demonstrated resilience against online trolls, asserting that she is ‘Not Afraid’ of speaking her mind even after facing backlash.

As discussions unfold on social media, the incident underscores the broader issues of misogyny, cultural expectations, and gender-based scrutiny within the entertainment industry.

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