Hrithik-Deepika flew real aircraft in ‘Fighter’! Someone reached Kashmir, someone took a flight from Assam

Hrithik Roshan’s most awaited film ‘Fighter’ Ka will hit the theaters on January 25, 2024. Since watching the teaser, fans are very excited about the film. However, the fighter jets that Deepika and Hrithik are seen flying in the posters and teaser are real. Also know at which Air Force stations the film was shot.

'Fighter' Hrithik-Deepika flew real aircraft! Someone reached Kashmir, someone took a flight from Assam
Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Fighter’ Shooting took place at this Air Force Station

Fighter jets flying in the air, cars blowing up in explosions and Hrithik-Deepika’s romantic style… The tremendous teaser of ‘Fighter’ has been released. This film based on the Indian Air Force and its soldiers will hit the theaters on January 25, 2024. The biggest feature of this film is that it has been directed by Siddharth Anand of ‘Pathan’. However, in the teaser and poster, Hrithik Roshan and Deepika are seen flying in ‘fighter’ jets. It is not a graphic but it is very real. The shooting of the film has also been done at the real Air Force station and base.

These aircraft were used in ‘Fighter’

The stage is completely set for ‘Fighter’. Fans are also eagerly waiting to watch the country’s first action aerial film. In ‘Fighter’, the film stars will not only showcase their powerful acting skills, but the USP of the film is that Indian Air Force cadets themselves will also be seen playing the roles of actors in the film.

1. Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft

In ‘Fighter’, other stars including Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor are seen at the Air Force station. In many scenes, he is seen sitting in fighter jets, while at many places, many aircraft are seen standing around him. Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft was also used in this film.
Hrithik Base Camp

Hrithik Roshan

Let us tell you that Pilatus is a trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force. Two pilots can sit in this jet, because it is used for training, hence mostly instructors and student pilots are seen in it. This aircraft with 10.8 meter length, 10.19 meter wing span and 3.26 meter height can fly at a height of 33 thousand feet. Recently, Pilatus PC 7 crashed while going for routine training in Telangana.

2. F-16 Fighting Falcon

In the teaser of Hrithik’s film, a green colored fighter jet is seen flying in the sky, this is the F-16 Fighting Falcon. This fighter plane was made in America, but now the fighter jet is being used in many countries. The F-16 aircraft is a single-seat model, that is, it is flown by a fighter pilot. However, there are also several upgraded models of the F-16, which have been named F-16B and C.
F 16

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Two pilots can also sit in its upgraded version. The combat range of this fighter jet is 546 kilometers, which holds up to 3200 kg of fuel. Its biggest feature is that missiles can be installed in it, whose range is not only from air to air, but from air to ground. Let us tell you that before Fighter, Shahid Kapoor had flown this aircraft in the film Mausam.

3. Sukhoi Su-30 MKI

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI is one of the most powerful fighter jets of the Indian Air Force. The project to build it in India has been given to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). It is being told that these fighter jets will replace those aircraft which have become victims of many accidents. The special thing about this fighter plane is that different countries can change it as per their own.
Fighter Teaser Images

picture of fighter

Visuals of this aircraft have been used in many films before. This fighter jet, with 72 feet length, 18,400 kg weight and 20.10 feet height, is capable of flying up to a height of 57 thousand feet. Like F-16, rockets, bombs and missiles can also be installed in it.

4. Dhruv Attack Helicopter

In the teaser, Deepika Padukone is also seen flying a helicopter in many scenes. The helicopter in which the actress is seen sitting is a Dhruv attack helicopter. Apart from the Indian Air Force, it is also available with the Army and Navy. It can seat 12 soldiers, while it is flown by two pilots. This helicopter used in the film is used to carry cargo and soldiers.
Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

However, its orders have also been placed by the Navy and Army. Before Deepika Padukone, Janhvi Kapoor had also taken training in flying helicopters for Gunjan Saxena. But it was not Dhruv attack, but Cheetah helicopter.

Shooting of ‘Fighter’ took place at these Air Force stations

Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Fighter’ has been shot at different Air Force stations and airbases. The team of Fighter had reached not just one but many places for the film. These names include Tezpur Air Force Station in Assam, Pahalgam Base in Kashmir and Dundigal Air Force Academy, which is near Hyderabad. Let us tell you that VFX and graphics have also been used at many places, but some scenes are absolutely real.

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