SHOCK: Deepika Padukone’s sharing was full of self-pity after her film was continuously boycotted by the whole country.

Old Video Shared As Deepika Padukone Getting Emotional After Pathaan Film’s Boycott

In the video, Deepika got emotional while sharing her story of battling mental illness. It has nothing to do with the Pathaan film controversy.

Old Video Shared As Deepika Padukone Getting Emotional After Pathaan Films Boycott

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer film Pathaan has landed into controversy after Madhya Pradesh minister Narottam Mishra called for a ban on their upcoming film, over the outfits and scenes seen in the newly released song ‘Besharam Rang.’ Reacting to social media users calling for the boycott of the film, Shah Rukh Khan, at the inauguration of the 28th edition of the Kolkata International Film Festival, said, ‘Social media is often driven by a certain narrowness of view that limits human nature to its baser self.’

Meanwhile, a video of Deepika Padukone getting emotional during an interview is going viral on social media. In this video, she can be heard saying, ‘I am scared to wake up in the morning. I don’t want to wake up and like to sleep because it is the best escape.’ People on social media shared this video linking it to the Pathaan film controversy. They claimed that people who boycotted her upcoming film have made her emotional and stressed to such an extent that she is afraid to wake up in the morning.

Samajwadi Party leader IP Singh shared this video and wrote a caption in Hindi which reads, ‘दीपिका पादुकोण श्री प्रकाश पादुकोण की बेटी है फ़िल्म स्टार श्री रणवीर की पत्नी हैं। फिल्मों को लेकर देश में कैसा माहौल भाजपाइयों ने और उनकी सरकार ने बना दिया है। आँखों में ये आँसू…. इस फिल्म को दुनियाभर में शोहरत मिलेगी और 500 करोड़ रु0 से ज्यादा का व्यापार करेगी यह फ़िल्म.’

[English Translation: Deepika Padukone is Prakash Padukone’s daughter and film star Ranveer’s wife. What kind of atmosphere has the BJP and their government created regarding films in the country? These tears in the eyes… This film will get fame all over the world, and this film will do business of more than 500 crores.]

Đoạn video được thực hiện từ năm 2018 và cho thấy Deepika Padukone nói về cuộc chiến của cô với căn bệnh trầm cảm.

Đoạn video được thực hiện từ năm 2018 và cho thấy Deepika Padukone nói về cuộc chiến của cô với căn bệnh trầm cảm.


Viral video shows Deepika Padukone getting emotional after right-wingers boycotted her upcoming film Pathaan.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact-check team verified the viral claim and found it to be false. The viral video is from 2018 and is presented out of context.

During the initial investigation, we did a reverse image search using the InVid tool, which led us to a report of NDTV dated 10 October 2018 in which similar footage can be seen. The report’s title reads, ‘On World Mental Health Day, Emotional Deepika Padukone Says She’s #NotAshamed.’ According to the report, the viral video is related to World Mental Health Day, where Deepika Padukone urged her fans to share their stories of battling mental illness. In the video, Deepika talked about battling her depression and how she was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014.

Image Credit: NDTV

We found the extended version of the viral video on the YouTube channel of The Live Love Laugh Foundation dated 10 October 2018. The video was titled as ‘Deepika is #NotAshamed to share her story’. In the video she can be heard saying, ‘I was scared to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t want to wake up…Iloved falling asleep because it was the best way to escape it. Waking up in the morning was a struggle…I didn’t feel good…Yes… I was scared to get out of bed because I didn’t want to face the day. I was very scared of the people around me…’

Live Love Laugh Foundation was founded in 2015 by actress Deepika Padukone. The foundation launched a campaign #NotAshamed, which aims to inspire people who are facing mental health issues. In this campaign, Deepika spoke openly about her experience of depression and anxiety, so that others who are going through the same feeling know there is support.


Our investigation shows that the viral video has been available on the internet since 2018. In the video, Deepika got emotional while sharing her story of battling mental illness. It has nothing to do with the Pathan film controversy. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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