Deepika Padukone speaks out about international brands coming to India, strongly reacting to the idea of moving abroad, revealing that she is not concerned about fame

Deepika Padukone Strongly Reacts To The Idea Of Moving Abroad, Reveals She Doesn’t Mind Being Famous

Deepika Padukone gave an empathetic response when asked about her plans to move overseas and also revealed that she doesn’t mind fame.

Deepika Padukone Strongly Reacts To The Idea Of Moving Abroad, Reveals She Doesn't Mind Being Famous

Deepika Padukone is one of the most prolific actresses in Bollywood. With her power-packed performance in blockbuster films like Jawan and Pathan, DP has been garnering a lot of appreciation from her fans. Apart from her acting spree, she is an ambassador for many International brands. Known for her global presence, Deepika always stays down to earth and continues to shine.

Deepika Padukone reflects on International brands coming to India

In an interview with Vogue India, Deepika Padukone expressed her happiness over how International brands, like Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Apple, and many others, are coming to capitalise on India’s luxury market. Talking about the same, the actress shared that this process has not been created overnight and added that India’s role in it is not transient. She said:

“India has always been here, it’s just taken the world this much time to sit up and notice our power. We’ve stuck to being authentic to who we are. This is not a bubble. It is not something that has been created overnight. What makes this time where India is finally being taken seriously as a player on the world map more meaningful is that it isn’t transient.”

deepika padukone graced the cover of vogue

Deepika Padukone strongly reacts to moving overseas

When Deepika Padukone was asked if she eventually plans to move out of the country and create a global impact, she gave an empathetic response. Strongly reacting to the proposal, the actress revealed that during her initial years in Mumbai, she got an offer to move overseas, and even many fashion gurus recommended her to accept it. However, Deepika feels that India is her home and said:

“Why do I need to move with bag and baggage to have global impact? Early on in my modelling career, I had an offer to move overseas and all of the fashion gurus in India said, ‘You shouldn’t be here, you should be in Paris, New York or Milan,’ and I was like, ‘No, those places are not my home. India is home.’”

deepika padukone graced the cover of vogue

Deepika Padukone on her struggling days in Mumbai

Deepika Padukone started her journey in the glamour world as a model, and despite being a non-nepo baby, she went on to become one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood. Recalling her initial days in Mumbai, the actress shared that she had so many things to deal with, not just professionally but also personally. In her words:

“Back then, I was a teenager moving to a new city with no family or friends in a new industry. I had to figure out my meals and transport and lug my own bags around. I never thought of it as a burden back then. I’d finish late at night, exhausted, then carry my suitcase across town in a cab and sometimes fall asleep on the drive back home. My mother would be so worried about whether I would get home safe. Today, when I look back at that journey, I think, ‘Not bad, girl! You did this and you did it on your own.’ But at that moment, there was no time to reflect.”

deepika padukone

Deepika Padukone reveals if she likes being famous

Deepika Padukone was also asked if she likes being famous and getting so much attention. Responding to the same, the actress shared that she doesn’t have a problem with that. Talking about how her loved ones never worry about her being famous, Deepika shared that she can bring a lot of change with her fame. She concluded:

“I don’t think I have a problem with it. I surround myself with people who don’t care about the fame. I’m a daughter, I’m a wife, I’m a sister, I’m a daughter-in-law. When I step out of that world, then I’m famous. What I like about fame is the fact that you’re able to bring about change, you’re able to touch and influence people’s lives. For me, that is the exciting part. I don’t mind being famous for all those reasons.”

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