Deepika Padukone shared that she doesn’t need to move to another country to become famous or seek acceptance, while Priyanka Chopra hinted at it, stirring up a buzz among netizens.

Deepika Says ‘I Don’t Need To Move To Another Country To Be Accepted’, Reddit Links It With Priyanka

Deepika Padukone talked about ‘global ambition’. The diva mentioned that she doesn’t feel the need to move to another country to be accepted. Netizens thought it was a dig at PeeCee.

Deepika Says 'I Don't Need To Move To Another Country To Be Accepted', Reddit Links It With Priyanka

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are the two much-loved actresses in Bollywood. The divas never shy away from melting the hearts of their fans with their top-notch acting mettle and charming personas. For those who don’t know, Deepika and Priyanka are contemporaries, and both of them enjoy a massive fanbase. While both have made their place in Bollywood, it’s PeeCee who has achieved global achievements, and she has been showing her mettle in Hollywood. However, being contemporaries, the gossip about the catfights between the divas often made it to the headlines. And yet the same happened again, as an excerpt from Deepika’s interview was shared on Reddit.

Deepika Padukone shares she doesn’t need to move to another country to be accepted

Recently, Deepika Padukone graced the cover of The Week magazine. The gorgeousness even shared some anecdotes about herself. A screengrab of an excerpt from Deepika’s interview was shared on the discussion platform, Reddit. Deepika has mentioned that she has global ambitions, but much of it is beyond being a movie star.

The diva also mentioned that she doesn’t feel that she needs to move to another country or speak like them in order to be accepted. Deepika also mentioned that it has taken her a few times, but she can at least sleep better by knowing that she is in her culture and did it on her own terms. Sharing the screengrab containing Deepika’s statement, the Reddit user wrote:

‘Is this supposed to be another dig at Priyanka?’

Netizens’ react to Deepika’s statement

As soon as the screengrab made its way to Reddit, netizens started flooding the comment sections with their opinions. While some thought it was a sly dig at Priyanka Chopra, others dismissed the claims. One user wrote, ‘Maybe it is and maybe its not. I do agree with her completely though. She conveyed it very meticulously.’ While a user wrote, ‘It obviously is. The matrics she mentioned uniquely fits PC and no one else,’ another user took to the comment section to write, ‘PC did not go to Hollywood by choice. She was forced to go there cos she had no future here.’ Check out the comments below:

When Deepika Padukone dismissed all the rumours about her rivalry with Priyanka Chopra

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra worked in Bajirao Mastani together. However, the speculated rapport between them often grabs the limelight. Talking about the same, Deepika, once in an interview with the Hindustan Times, shared that such speculations actually make her feel weird, as she has known Priyanka for so many years and she doesn’t believe that they are professional rivals. Deepika shared:

‘I like the fact that you use the word ‘friend’, because that’s what she is to me. So, every time I read anything that doesn’t say that (we are friends), it really surprises me. I have always said that she is someone I’ve known for many years. I feel extremely awkward and weird when such comparisons are made, because I don’t even believe that we are professional rivals. We never were. So, why should we be now? She is doing amazing work in her own space. And what her work will require from her in terms of time and other commitments are different from what I am working towards or what I am doing.’

When Priyanka Chopra’s mom, Madhu Chopra reacted to the speculated rivalry reports between PeeCee and Deepika

It was back in 2017, when Priyanka Chopra’s mom, Madhu Chopra was asked about the ongoing reports about Priyanka and Deepika’s rivalry. To this, Madhu heaped praises on her daughter and told PTI:

‘Do you think actually there can be a comparison between the two. Priyanka has no comparison with anybody. She is unique and special in what she is and what she does.’

Priyanka and Madhu

Do you think Deepika took a dig at her Bajirao Mastani co-star, Priyanka? Let us know!

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