Deepika Padukone posed for a photo with a fan after her London vacation, but social media users saw it differently. The person beside her seemed to shine brighter than Deepika, dimming her beauty in comparison…

Deepika Padukone Caught In An Embarrassing Situation; Fans Troll Her Picture From London Vacation!

Deepika Padukone finds herself in a predicamet as her picture from London vacation lands on social media. In the picture, Deepika Padukone can be seen posing for picture along with a fan.

Deepika Padukone finds herself in a predicament as her picture from a London vacation lands on social media. In the picture, Deepika Padukone can be seen posing along with a fan and guess what? Rather than drooling over Deepika, netizens say that the fan is looking much better than the actress! Can’t believe it? Have a dekko..

Deepika's Pic Goes Haywire

Deepika’s Pic Goes Haywire

The picture was shared by photo-journalist, Manav Manglani and soon, fans started comparing Deepika’s look with her fan and ended up trolling the actress.

Here's What They Had To Say..

Here’s What They Had To Say..

@sabrina_kahn72: ‘The girl next to her looks better and looks more of a celebrity than deepika does.’

@dszashalini: ‘The fan looks glamorous than her.’

@poonam13bains: ‘Fan looks very stylish. Celebrity looks like a clown.’

Fans Diss Deepika's Dressing Style

Fans Diss Deepika’s Dressing Style

@sonyacreation: ‘The fan looks million times better than deepika.’

@wyd419: ‘Will Deepika Padukone be remembered as the most prettiest actress with the worst looks and dresses? She’s so naturally pretty yet her looks always disappoint. Bad designer perhaps?’

@official_shree888: ‘Deepika should change her dressing sense…the girt next to her looks better than deepika..😂.’

However, Some Fans Defended Deepika

However, Some Fans Defended Deepika

@sudhirmudgalworld: ‘Its not one pic that makes Deepika. She is much much larger than her 1 lakh pics. so people who are comparing the two because of pics are fools. Deepika will always be super super women. luv u.’

@unicornkitty1707: ‘Nobody cares how they look. Deep is the one who struggled to get famous! You can’t be this mean!’

@drmadhuu: ‘Come on dudes😏….no one can look better than deepika😇😇😇😇…..she is the bestest😇😇😇😍😍.’

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