Deepika Padukone Joins Star-Studded Cast for The White Lotus Season 3: What We Know About the Filming Location and Other Major Details

The White Lotus season 3: Deepika Padukone joins star cast? What we know so far

The White Lotus season three is all set to be bigger and better. The American dark comedy-drama show will reportedly feature Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone in its star cast. Read further to know The White Lotus 3 filming location and other major details.

The White Lotus season 3: Deepika Padukone joins star cast? What we know so far
Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone

New Delhi: The White Lotus, an American comedy-drama show, is all set for its third installment. The popular series is not only returning with an intriguing storyline to captivate audiences, but it also packs a huge surprise for Indian viewers as well. You will be amazed to know that an Indian A-lister has now joined its star cast.

As per ZoomTV, it has been confirmed that Bollywood star Deepika Padukone will be part of the third season of The White Lotus. However, more details about this development are still not out to the public. If it turns out to be true, the show is assured to capture even more attention in India.

The White Lotus 3 details

It is being said that The White Lotus 3 will feature a new group of guests at a different White Lotus resort. The first two seasons of the show were filmed, respectively, in Hawaii and Sicily. For season 3, the showmakers are now headed to Thailand.

According to online reports, the upcoming season will take place in one of the Four Seasons resorts chain in Thailand. The location was said to be locked after a USD 4.4 million tax incentive for filming in Thailand.

If we talk about the star cast, Natasha Rothwell is reported to be bringing to life her role as Belinda, once again, in the series’ third season. Along with her, Leslie Bibb, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Parker Posey, Dom Hetrakul, Tayme Thapthimthong, Carrie Coon, Milos Bikovic and Christian Friedel are also likely to be a part of The White Lotus 3.

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