BB17: Ankita Lokhande Says Vicky Jain Married The Wrong Person, ‘Mai Tere Saath Comfortable Nahi Hu’

Ankita Lokhande broke down as Vicky Jain laughed while she was discussing a serious matter with him. Later, she accused him of belittling her and told him that she doesn’t feel comfortable with him

The dynamics in Bigg Boss 17 house have changed a lot over the past few days. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are the only married couple inside the house and their relationship is slowly going down the drain. The duo has been fighting inside the house like there’s no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Mannara Chopra, Arun Mahashetty, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui have won the torture task and secured their place as the finalists.
Ankita schools Vicky as he tries to defend Mannara Chopra

In the latest episode, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, and Isha Malviya were sitting together in the garden area. As the actresses started talking about Mannara Chopra, Vicky mentioned that he was bored of discussing the same thing a number of times. Then, the ladies tried to explain that what Mannara was doing was wrong and that Vicky should not defend her. This led to an argument between Ankita and Vicky.

Ankita Lokhande says Vicky Jain married the wrong person

As the conversation continued, Ankita and Vicky exchanged harsh words, and Isha asked them not to fight over a third person. Ankita explained her point of view when Vicky laughed, and seeing him, Isha also laughed. This triggered Ankita, and she walked away, trying to hold back tears. Later, the actress broke down in the bedroom, and Vicky also came there to ask why she was reacting like that. To this, Ankita replied:
‘Tu hasta hain mujh pe. I am the wrong person you got married to. Har jagah mujhe rokta hain, tokta hain, mat kar mat kar. Mein bol nahi pati hu, mein low on confidence ho gayi hu. I am sorry, please don’t talk to me.’

Ankita Lokhande says Vicky Jain doesn’t value her

Vicky also got pissed and walked out of the room, when Munawar and Abhishek asked him about his argument with Ankita. Meanwhile, Isha hugged Ankita and explained that they were not laughing at her, but Ankita screamed at her, saying:
‘Usko value nahi hain mera, why is he laughing? He is my husband; it hurts Isha. Mazak ban gaya mera is ghar mein.’

Ankita Lokhande expresses her insecurity in her marriage with Vicky

Vicky Jain again came back in and asked Ankita what he could do for her and said, ‘Mein kaha galat jaa raha hu?’. However, he also mentioned that she was overreacting. To this, Ankita said that Vicky always tries to seek validation from a third party, and she doesn’t feel comfortable with him. She further added that she now has an inferiority complex, which makes her feel insecure all the time. In her words:
‘Tujhe hamesha third party ka validation chahiye humlogon ke matter mein. Tere saath mein comfortable nahi hu, mein apna point of view nahi rakh pati hu. Mein nahi kar payungi tereko mera feelings clear. Tu bohot upar hai mere level se, mein bohot neeche hu. Ye mere andar built up ho rahi hain, aaj nahi, but bohot din se hote hain. Mein bohot insecure ho gayi hu. You are doing nothing to make me insecure. Mein apne aap se bohot… Something is wrong with me.’

Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan discuss Ankita-Vicky’s fight

Meanwhile, Ayesha Khan and Isha Malviya were seen discussing Ankita-Vicky’s fight outside the room, when the former said, ‘Jis tarah se Vicky bhai defend kar rahe hain apne aap ko, it’s very annoying. Vicky bhai shows it in that way ki Ankita toh kuch bhi bolti hain.’ While Isha agrees to this, Munawar, on the other hand, was heard saying to Abhishek:
‘Vicky bhai ka ye problem hain, wo baaki cheez ko jitna dhyan deta hain na, utna wo ye Ankita ji ke cheez mein nahi deta hain. Thik hain ye game hain, aur use bhi toh tum 5 saal ke adat daal rakhe ho.’

To watch the video, click here.

What are your views about Ankita and Vicky’s fight?

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