Arijit Singh: Education was about to end with the accusation of plagiarism! The leak is the secret of Arijit Singh’s school life

Arijit Singh

News Short Desk: Now our country’s number one singer Arijit Singh. He Touch gold! That’s why Arijit sings that superhit song. But despite being such a big singer, this native of Bengal’s Jiaganj still loves to keep his feet on the ground. So, even though he travels abroad for work, Arijit’s life is covered by his native Ziaganj in Murshidabad. The singer likes to live a very simple life here with his wife and children. So besides the singer Arijit, the number of fans of Arijit is also not less in India.

But Arijit Singh Childhood himself was not less badass! For which School Life was associated with thief (Thief) slander. . So the singer was very ashamed. Arijit recently appeared on a music podcast with Tarsem Mittal. There, Arijit shared a funny incident of the school and said that he used to drag the class. The school used to have lab facilities for eleventh students.

Which was very interesting to them. Arijit and his two friends also got a chance to enter that lab. And then they were very amused to see the test tubes and other things in the lab. But then stopped going. Then a friend said to Arijit, ‘Come on brother, we have got a personal lab. own lab’. After that they left with the bicycle in search of that lab. But according to his friend, he could not understand where the lab was in the forest. After that, the friend stepped inside. But Arijit is still thinking where is the lab?

Arijit Singh

Then they entered a huge room. There was a large table with a large light above it, along with many tools. There was a big injection to give to the cows. They filled it with water and started playing like pitchers. But after hearing so much shouting and commotion, the surrounding people gathered. They all brought them out by their ears and complained straight to the headmaster as thieves that they had stolen the plate that had been stolen last night.

The building was originally the London Mission Hospital. Now Arijit is trying to reopen the locked hospital. However, Arijit and his two friends once entered the operation theater of this hospital. At that time a complaint was made to the headmaster so that Arijit and his two friends were expelled from the school.But then Arijit was thinking that the secondary exams were ahead of them. If you are expelled from school at such a time, the future is dark.

But there was no escape even then. The people of the school colony were pointing at Arijit and calling everyone saying ‘he has stolen’. It didn’t end here, after going home, he also ate good middle meat at his father’s place. Regarding this incident, the singer said that the person in charge of that place knew the father. Definitely said a lot about me. I got the result at home. Arijit learned from this incident? When asked about it, the singer said, ‘Never follow someone like a blind person.’ Use your own wisdom. That’s what I learned.

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