Always making their fans blush, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli flaunt their love everywhere

Each time Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli proved that they are each other’s biggest support system

Bollywood has witnessed several high-profile romances between cricketers and actresses, and one of the most captivating couples that has captured the nation’s attention is actress Anushka Sharma and Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. Despite hailing from two distinct worlds, the couple has overcome various challenges, becoming a source of inspiration for many. The remarkable journey of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s relationship has evolved and strengthened over the years, setting an example of enduring love and mutual support. As an image of Anushka hugging her husband after the crushing World Cup final defeat against Australia went viral, we take a look at why this couple is truly a notch above the rest…
Standing up for his love

Anushka Sharma faced criticism and trolling at one point, particularly when Virat Kohli’s performance in a T-20 match was not up to expectations. Detractors went so far as to blame Anushka for being a distraction during his matches. However, Virat Kohli swiftly came to Anushka’s defense, expressing his displeasure at the unwarranted scrutiny and standing by her side. Virat made it clear that despite playing for the country, his personal life was not subject to public ownership or external influence. He firmly asserted his right to make personal choices and continued to support Anushka unequivocally. This steadfast stance earned him widespread admiration, and his tweet addressing the trolls became the ‘Golden Tweet of the Year’ in 2016. Since then, Virat has remained a pillar of support for Anushka, consistently shutting down detractors and reinforcing the strength of their relationship.
When Anushka was seen in stands cheering for Virat

Despite facing criticism for her presence at a crucial World Cup game in 2019 where Virat Kohli was eliminated from the tournament, Anushka Sharma remained undeterred. Unfazed by the flak she received, she was once again spotted in the stands at another game, cheering enthusiastically for her husband. Anushka displayed evident joy and happiness as Virat’s team secured a victory.
Never shying away from PDA

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli stand out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing couples in the glamour world. Their frequent stylish outings at various events, cricket matches, and social gatherings showcase not just their fashionable presence but also the palpable affection between them. In numerous images, it’s evident that Virat is enamored by Anushka, consistently expressing his admiration through both his gaze and affectionate gestures. The couple’s unabashed display of love extends beyond personal moments, as they openly profess their deep connection on public platforms, solidifying their status as a glamorous and beloved power couple.
Showering some Insta-love

On Women’s Day, Virat celebrated the strength of the two most important women in his life—his mother and Anushka. He shared a collage featuring both women, acknowledging his mother’s resilience in challenging times and applauding Anushka for her consistent stand against adversity and commitment to righteousness. Anushka reciprocates this online affection by frequently commenting on Virat’s pictures, adding another layer to their public displays of love and support.
When Virat called Anushka his ‘lady luck’

In a candid interview, Virat Kohli expressed the profound impact Anushka Sharma has had on his life, emphasizing her constant inspiration and unwavering support. Kohli attributed Anushka’s ‘lucky’ presence as a pivotal factor behind the positive changes he has undergone. He openly acknowledged that Anushka stood steadfastly by his side during the most crucial moments of his life, serving as a pillar of strength.

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