Tiger Vs Pathaan Might Get A Crazy Spinoff With Aamir Khan Joining The Spy Universe As The Antagonist Alongside ‘Jai’ Shah Rukh Khan & ‘Veeru’ Salman Khan? Bhaijaan Drops A Major Idea!

Salman Khan says that younger generation stars won’t collaborate in films just like him and Shah Rukh Khan. He also wants Aamir Khan to join the spy universe.

After Salman Khan’s cameo in Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan returned the favor and appeared in Tiger 3. With their significant appearances in each other’s action thrillers, they took the box offices by storm with their spectacular collections. While everyone’s hailing them as the new ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru,’ Dabangg Khan recently opened up about 3rd Khan, Aamir Khan, joining the spy universe. In the latest interview, the superstar spoke about the multi-starrer films that attract audiences in theatres and get bigger box office returns.

Tiger Vs Pathaan Might Get A Crazy Spinoff With Aamir Khan Joining The Spy Universe As The Antagonist After Dhoom 3?

The actor, who’s enjoying the release of Tiger 3 and is currently seen hosting TV reality Bigg Boss 17, recently spoke about ‘90s actors collaborating with each other in their films, which he feels the younger generation won’t be able to do. The superstar also updated us on the much-talked-about and most-awaited project, Tiger Vs Pathaan.

During his latest interview, Salman Khan suggested that Aamir Khan should join YRF’s spy universe, and if he does, all three Khans can star in a film that is yet to be seen in the history of Bollywood. Talking about ‘90s actors collaborating with each other, unlike the younger generation, he told Zoom TV, “The younger generation won’t be able to do it for some strange reasons.” Further giving an update about Tiger vs Pathaan, the Radhe actor assured us that it would happen very soon. He further called himself ‘Veeru’ and SRK ‘Jai.’
In the same interview, Salman Khan also revealed that people didn’t usually watch his films, following which he decided to star alongside his contemporaries like Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor, among others.

Coming back, we wonder if Salman Khan has dropped the three Khans in a film starring Jai Veeru alongside Khan- maybe as Gabbar? What do you think?

Meanwhile, in the recent box office update, Tiger 3 crossed the 250 crore mark 11 days after its release.

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