Rakhi Sawant Gets Compared To Shehnaaz Gill As Her Old Interview With Deepika Padukone Goes Viral, Netizens Call Her A “Better Host Than Gill”

An old interview of Rakhi Sawant with Deepika Padukone has resurfaced and it has the internet swooning over Rakhi, saying she is a better host than Shehnaaz Gill.

Rakhi Sawant's Old Interview With Deepika Padukone Goes Viral, Netizens Shower Her With PraiseRakhi Sawant’s Old Interview With Deepika Padukone Makes Internet Nostalgic, “She Is A Better Host Than Shehnaaz Gill” Says Internet Asking Her To Focus On Hosting(Photo Credit –Instagram/Facebook)
Rakhi Sawant has lately been garnering eyeballs for her tumultuous married life with her estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani. The once inseparable couple is now launching scathing attacks at each other out in the open with the former Bigg Boss contestant filing for divorce. Amid all the ongoing drama, Rakhi has been receiving criticism for courting controversy and always airing her dirty laundry in public. But things were not always the same. There was a time when she would interview Bollywood A-listers with the utmost grace and charm, and we are sharing one such throwback with you which will make every 90s kid nostalgic.

While scrolling past Instagram, we stumbled upon a throwback video of Rakhi Sawant interviewing Deepika Padukone during the promotion of the latter’s film Bachna Ae Haseeno. The clip appears to be from Rakhi Sawant’s chat show named – The Rakhi Sawant Chat Showz.

In what appears to be a free-wheeling chat, Rakhi Sawant compliments Deepika Padukone  for her good-looking pairing with Ranbir in Bachna Ae Haseeno- before asking her who she thinks is the better actor – Ranbir or herself? Deepika has a very gratifying response to this and she insists Ranbir is a better actor than her. To this, Rakhi gives Deepika an earful as she tells her not to underestimate herself. She further goes on to say that she will also be interviewing Ranbir and she is affirmative that Ranbir will prefer her over himself as a better actor. Deepika disagrees with this and says Ranbir will also pick himself as a better actor, reasoning, “he has grown into a film family; he breathes films, he lives films, and he is so passionate about it.” Take a look at the video below:

The video has made netizens yearn for old Rakhi Sawant who was always fun to be around. From interviews to reality shows, Rakhi was doing it all and was the life of every party. The throwback clip has also made netizens compare Rakhi with Shehnaaz Gill hosts a similar chat show ‘Desi Vibes’.

Farah Khan compares Rakhi Sawant to Deepika Padukone; says 'I have given two megastars to the industry'

“Rakhi is better at interviewing than Shehnaaz Gill,” one user said.

“Rakhi is a better host than Shehnaaz Gill,” another user asserted.

One person mentioned, “Rakhi used to be so cute looking and happy-go-lucky. Kya haal kar liya lekin usne ab apna!!”

“Rakhi is such a good host wish she could focus on this and she could have made her mark but instead she could have made her mark but instead she ran for cheap publicity now she lost everything,” added another user.

What are your thoughts on Rakhii Sawant’s old interview and who do you think is a better actor – Ranbir or Deepika? Let us know.


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