Aamir Khan was once insecure about his height, thought people will call him

In an old interview, that’s now gone viral on Reddit, Aamir Khan spoke about being worried about his height but receiving love from fans, nevertheless.

Complexities around one’s physical appearance are not just a common man problem as celebs also go through the same. In an interview, Aamir Khan once spoke about his short height, sharing how he was scared whether people would accept him. The Bollywood star was joined by Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor, and the former shared how she is the ‘shortest heroine’ around.

A video clip from the interview, presumably during the release of their film Talaash (2012), had Rani talk about her height. She said that given she’s the shortest one around, she can be closest to Aamir’s heart. Her statement impressed Aamir, who complimented her on the ‘good line’. Rani then went on to say that she believes a person’s height is about what they do in their life and their personalities. “And Aamir has a towering personality,” she added.

The reporter then asked them about their take on the importance of height in their career and whether they had apprehensions about the same. While Rani nodded at the question, dismissing it away, Aamir confessed that he was indeed worried.

aamir khan height short

“Mere zehan mein tha, mujhe darr tha log bolenge bada tingu hai, so yeh darr tha par logon ko pasand aaya (This was on my mind. I was scared people will say he is so short but people liked me),” Aamir said, agreeing to the journalist how the fear also seeped in because it was the rule of Amitabh Bachchan then, who was quite tall.

Aamir Khan also added that when someone’s new to the industry, they are scared about things. He, however, still gets worried about many things.

Last seen in Laal Singh Chaddha, Aamir Khan is yet to announce his next film. He was spotted recently at a recording studio fuelling a buzz that he’s set to turn singer again.

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