Remembering the first time she met her younger brother, Marian Rivera’s daughter did something her parents did not expect

The first time she met her younger brother, the daughter of ‘The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’ Marian Rivera did something that her parents did not expect

Just over 3 years old, Zia already looks like a big sister.

Recently, ‘The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’ gave birth to her second son. The boy’s name is Jose Sixto Dantes and his nickname is Ziggy. The son of a famous couple in the Philippine entertainment industry has a beautiful face, white skin, big eyes, rosy lips… Fans commented that Ziggy fully inherited the beauty of both parents. , the boy also resembles his older sister a lot. 

Married couple Marian Rivera and Dingdongs Dantes happily welcomed the birth of their son.

In a recent share, actor Dingdongs Dantes revealed a little about the moment baby Zia first met his newborn brother when he visited his mother and brother at the hospital. The actor said that when he first met Ziggy, Zia immediately hugged his little brother. The girl was so excited that she hugged her so tightly that Dingdongs Dantes had to remind her daughter not to hug her so tightly. 

The husband of ‘The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’ also added that when Marian and Ziggy came home from the hospital, Zia was so happy that she ran to hug him. 

Meeting her younger brother for the first time, the daughter of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian Rivera did something that made her parents unexpected - Photo 2.

Zia hugged her younger brother very tightly the first time she met him.

And now Zia is always with Ziggy. She has always wanted a younger brother since she was 2 years old. 

It is known that before giving birth to Ziggy, couple Marian Rivera and Dingdongs Dantes tried to teach Zia so that she could understand that she was preparing to become a big sister. They called her ‘Ate Zia’ (Sister Zia), to make her aware of the fact that she was about to have a younger sibling.

Zia has a beautiful face like an angel. 

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