Shanthi Priya Says Akshay Kumar Passed Hurtful Comments On Her Complexion: ‘He Never Apologised’

Popular 90s actress, Shanthi Priya opened up about facing discrimination for her skin colour in the industry and revealed how Akshay Kumar passed hurtful comments on her.

Shanthi Priya Says Akshay Kumar Passed Hurtful Comments On Her Complexion: 'He Never Apologised'

The popular actress of the 90s and Akshay Kumar’s first heroine, Shanthi Priya made a name for herself in the acting world with her debut film, Saugandh. Later, she went on work in popular films like Phool Aur Angaar, Maharsi, Mere Sajana Saath Nibhana, Meherbaan, Agni, Andha Intaquam, and many more. However, she left the glamour world at the peak of her career. For the unversed, Shanthi tied the knot to South Indian actor, Siddharth Ray at the mere age of twenty-four.

Shanthi Priya reveals Akshay Kumar passed comments on her skin colour

In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Shanthi Priya opened up about the atmosphere on the sets of her first film, Saugandh. Talking about the same, the actress recalled how Akshay Kumar made fun of her complexion while they were working together. Shanthi shared that once Akshay pointed out at her knees and asked her why they were so dark. Elaborating more about it, the actress mentioned that it was a sensitive topic but he didn’t realise it. In her words:
‘It is a sensitive topic, he must have not realised. In front of everybody, he pointed out my knees and he said, ‘Oh, see how dark they are. Did you get hurt or something? Did you fall down somewhere?’ I said, no why? he said, what happened, dude? why are your knees so dark and black? Is it a blood clot?’

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Further, in the same conversation, Shanthi revealed that Akshay’s hurtful comments about her skin colour made her slip into a shell. The actress further added that she and her sister, Bhanupriya faced a lot of discrimination on the basis of their complexion in the South Indian film industry. Shanthi also stated that not only in the 90s, but she and her family go through this even now.

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In the same conversation, Shanthi revealed how everyone on the set reacted to Akshay’s remark. Talking about the same, the actress revealed that everyone on the set laughed at his remark. Shanthi further added she asked Akshay if he meant what he said and quietly went away. Mentioning how, later, they all realised that the matter was serious, Shanthi said:
‘Initially, they were all laughing and everything was flowing smoothly. Then, I was like, ‘Okay did you really mean it?’ Then I looked at my mom, I quietly went and talked to her, as she used to accompany me. So, I went quietly and then they realised that it was quite serious.’
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Concluding her talk, Shanthi added that everyone became apprehensive after her reaction. But, she remained calm. Later, Shanthi revealed that Akshay brushed off his comment by saying that he was just joking. However, he never apologised to her for his remarks.

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When Shanthi revealed Akshay Kumar told her she cannot play the heroine

Earlier, in an interview with Bollywood Thikana, Shanthi had opened up about her work experience with Akshay Kumar. Talking about the same, the actress revealed that she had asked for work from Akshay, but he ghosted her. Recalling an anecdote on how she met him on the sets of his film, Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty, Shanthi said that he met her nicely, but when she asked him for work, the actor mentioned that though she looked the same, she cannot play a heroine in a film.

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