Salman Khan VS Shah Rukh Khan Mega Clash: Tiger 3 Just Can’t Compete With Box Office Monsters In Jawan & Pathaan – Three Reasons Why!

Before we deep-dive into the reasons, here’s a spoiler warning because we will talk too much about Salman Khan’s Tiger 3!

Tiger 3 Is Not The Salman Khan Film Which Competes With Shah Rukh Khan's Box Office Monsters Pathaan & Jawan - Three Reasons Why! Tiger 3 Is Not The Salman Khan Film Which Competes With Shah Rukh Khan’s Box Office Monsters Pathaan & Jawan – Three Reasons Why! ( Photo Credit – YRF/Facebook/Imdb)
“This time, it’s personal!” This is the tagline that the makers went with to promote Tiger 3 through its teasers & trailer. Of course, when you hear this, you’ll feel how high the stakes will be when India’s best R&AW agent’s family gets involved in the picture amidst the political tensions between India & Pakistan.

But was that even delivered? Was it really personal this time? Nope! And that’s the first reason why the viewers who are watching the film after the trailer won’t connect as much as they should’ve; it’s due to the mismatch of expectations set by the filmmakers from its promotional assets. Also, these reasons will prove how both Pathaan & Jawan are superior products.

And, before we deep-dive into the reasons, here’s a spoiler warning because we will talk too much about the film. So please, if you’re planning to watch Tiger 3, then do that before reading this.

1. The ‘Clickbait’ Marketing

As discussed above, the ‘this time it personal’ drama was just for the promos, as there’s nothing like that in the film. Yes, Emraan Hashmi’s Aatish had Tiger’s son for a while, but that didn’t create any tension. Apart from that, there’s nothing really ‘personal’ for Tiger as he couples with Zoya to save the life of Pakistan’s Prime Minister. If you, as a fan, defend that saving Pakistan’s government was ‘personal’ for Tiger 3 because of the Zoya connection, then you’ve been trapped in the film’s clickbait marketing.

2. Too formulaic to be different

It follows the same formula of “introduce a problem – introduce problem solver, the hero – problem solved.” Yes, it’s not as easy as that, but on the whole, there’s no major takeaway from the film apart from Hrithik Roshan‘s post-credit scene. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan cameo was precisely in the same zone as Tiger was in his movie. The bad VFX only makes the reunion of both superstars a cringefest.

3. Chart-busted music 

The good thing is that it has just two songs, and the bad thing is both aren’t memorable. Both Ek Tha Tiger & Tiger Zinda Hai had some instant hits, which this one failed to achieve. Not that music would broadly impact the box office of the film, but it still matters a lot while painting an overall picture of the film’s journey.

Shah Rukh Khan’s box office monsters Pathaan & Jawan had all of the above points working in their favor, making them unmatchable.

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