Deepika Padukone Discusses Bollywood Nepotism

In her honest discussion of her early Bollywood experiences with insider fears, Deepika Padukone underscores the pervasiveness of nepotism in the business.

Deepika Padukone Talks About Nepotism in Bollywood

In her reflections on her early days in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone discusses the difficulties she encountered as an outsider. The actress said that she was told as a youngster that because of her modeling talent, she should seek a job in Paris or Milan. She did not waver, nevertheless, in her determination to make India her home.

Deepika said bluntly that she had no choice but to navigate the fears that are common among insiders. Fifteen to twenty years ago, there were very difficult barriers to overcome as an outsider, particularly in a field where family ties were often crucial.

Although speaking up about problems like nepotism in Bollywood is a new trend, Deepika stressed that the reality of the practice has been constant throughout her career.

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Deepika struggled with a lot of issues in her early years, both emotionally and professionally. She had to take care of basic needs like food and transportation as a teenager moving to a new place without the help of friends or family, often carrying her stuff by herself. She never saw these obligations as onerous at the time, despite the difficulties.

The ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress wistfully recalled how she used to take naps on the way home from work, a habit that periodically alarmed her mother about Deepika’s safety. When she thinks back on those times, she praises her fortitude and tells herself, ‘Not bad, lady! This was something you accomplished on your own. The path taken by Deepika Padukone is evidence of the tenacity needed for a newcomer to make a name for themselves in a field that may be difficult and exclusive at times.


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