The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian shows off her abs after giving birth to her second child

The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian shows off her abs after giving birth to her second child

Some time after giving birth to her second son, Marian Rivera has gradually asserted her bravery as ‘The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’ when she quickly regained her figure with a toned belly.

When it comes to the title ‘Most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’, everyone in all four continents nods and calls out the name of beauty Marian Rivera. After 6 years of dating, Marian Rivera officially moved into the same house with actor Dingdong Dantes in 2014. In 2015, the couple happily welcomed their first daughter, baby Zia, who is as beautiful as an angel. Four years later, she gave birth to her second son, Ziggy, who looked exactly like his father.

After giving birth to her first baby, Marian Rivera did not take too long to get back in shape because she controlled her weight quite well during pregnancy. However, with the second baby boy, wife Dingdong Dantes encountered many difficulties in forcing him to sign.

The happy and exemplary family of the talented actor couple of the land of a thousand islands at the present time.

There was a time after giving birth to her second son, when she posted photos showing off her figure in a one-piece bikini and received many criticisms about her appearance when her curves disappeared and her body became straight.

However, now, when baby Ziggy is almost 2 years old, the mother of two confidently wears a tiny 2-piece bikini, showing off her toned body. Everyone commented on her bulging belly. Marian Rivera posted the photo on Valentine’s Day and has so far received nearly 300,000 likes and nearly 1,000 shares.

According to what she shared on her personal page, the mixed-race beauty had to practice a lot. Around the beginning of June last year, Marian Rivera gradually regained her confidence and wore a bra top showing off her number 11 abs.

She had fat removed from her whole body, not just her waist. The proof is that by wearing a maxi dress that shows off her bare back, the beauty’s back line is very clear and smooth. From the back to the bust, creating a clear waist.

In promotional photo shoots, the mother of two children wears lace lingerie, but her prominent belly is not ‘fake’ at all.

In fact, weight loss is a difficult term, let alone postpartum weight loss. Marian Rivera is a mother of two children and is currently 36 years old, so her body does not have enough strength to be able to force her to sign strictly.

Furthermore, when she was pregnant with her second child, she was also 34 years old, an age when weight control is extremely difficult. Nearly 2 years is a long time, but it shows the determination and perseverance to restore the figure of ‘The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’.

Women, besides the secret to not gaining too much weight when pregnant, can learn the secret tricks to squeeze subcutaneous fat from the beauties of the land of a thousand islands below.

Control your diet by cooking for yourself

The rule when losing weight is that calories in must be less than calories out. So how to control your energy intake? No one else, only you can do that. Sometimes we use packaged foods that still contain clear nutritional information printed on the back of the packaging.

However, you cannot be sure whether that information is truthful or not. The best way is still to buy fresh food and cook it yourself to control the volume, weight of intake as well as the amount of seasoning.

Even though Marian Rivera is a famous superstar with nearly 20 million followers, she often cooks in the kitchen.

Stay in shape by drinking filtered water

Sometimes when celebrating important holidays or parties, you can’t just refuse to lose weight. When eating out like this, even though the exact calorie intake is not accurate, it can still be estimated and kept under control thanks to scientific ordering. Prioritize vegetables and salads, then meat and then starch.

Dingdong Dantes’s wife has a great way to control calories by drinking filtered water instead of soft drinks or alcohol. Before drinking soft drinks or alcoholic drinks, try rotating the water bottle and reading the nutritional information quoted, you will definitely change your mind.

Practice sports diligently

To achieve her current abs, the U40 beauty certainly had to practice very hard. She must perform two phases in parallel, burning subcutaneous fat and building muscle.

Marian Rivera does many exercise combinations in the gym at the same time such as weightlifting, jumping rope, and swinging bars.

What’s more special is that she did not undertake that arduous weight-training journey alone, but always had encouragement from her actor husband.

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