The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian shares the secret to staying in shape, raising children healthily and easily without being exhausted

As the mother of two children, Marian Rivera is always busy working and taking care of her family. To avoid burnout, she has some tips that every mother should refer to.

Marian Rivera is a Filipino actress, model and singer. She is best known for her roles in television series such as Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya and Encantadia . In addition, she is also one of the most famous models in the Philippines, regularly appearing in many famous fashion magazines. She is considered ‘the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines’. Even though she has given birth to two children, her beauty is still as beautiful as ever.

When she was single, Marian saw a moment between a mother and her son and was so moved that she had to pray: ‘God, I want to have that.’ She wishes to become a mother and have a happy family.

Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 1.
Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 1.

Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 1.
Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 1.

Marian’s dream came true when she married Dingdong Dantes and gave birth to two children, Maria Letizia and Jose Sixto IV.

Looking back on her dream of having children, Marian said: ‘I used to say I wanted to have many children. But I couldn’t cope. With just two children, I was already having difficulties.’ She says that motherhood is like something innate in her.

‘Every day is truly a challenge,’ Marian said at a recent Mother’s Day celebration. ‘There are countless different situations that happen every day with children, they have different wants and needs, you need to support them in different ways. Even though this is very hard, seeing your children happy , you will see that everything you do is worth it.’

Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 2.

She smiled and added: ‘You can see it as the joy you want to have in life.’

Marian admits she is a worried mother: ‘I get ready to go to bed, and then I think what am I going to cook tomorrow? Like showbiz, you have to imagine in your head what will happen tomorrow.’ so everything goes smoothly. You sit down and say: Oh, I still have work to do.’

Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 3.
Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 3.

Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 3.
Filipino beauty shares 6 tips to avoid exhaustion when raising children - Photo 3.

That’s why Marian understands that mothers always feel tired and exhausted. Therefore, she shared some ways to prevent and preserve family happiness.

1. Remember to ask your family for support. Marian is grateful for the support she received from her husband, mother, grandmother, in-laws and friends.

2. Ask God for help actively. Instead of blaming and saying you can’t handle the challenge, you can pray, ‘God, I know you’re there. I know I can do it because you’re here.’

3. Don’t blame yourself. This is what Marian often tells her friends when they have problems with their children. Every child has a different personality, she explains, and parents are here to guide them.

She emphasized: ‘Don’t be too harsh, just stay calm. Everything has a solution. Let’s do it in a positive way.’

4. Appreciate self-care. Marian said: ‘It’s important to think for yourself. How can you give 100% love and attention to your children if you’re exhausted?’ That’s why she takes great care of herself in all aspects, including her health.

5. Manage your time well. Marian can do this because she knows how to organize everything. For example, in managing daily meals, she plans a weekly menu every Sunday.

6. Start disciplining your children when they are young. That’s how Marian was raised by her grandmother, who acted as guardian while her mother worked in Spain.

Among the things Marian learned from her grandmother was to wash her own underwear, something she is now teaching little Zia. She said her daughter and she made a checklist of Zia’s chores such as turning off the lights in the room, making the bed and washing her underwear. Zia will also learn how to wash t-shirts and clothes or larger items.

Marian, like many other mothers, is busy taking care of everything with her children every day. However, she knows how to balance her life, thanks to which she is always radiant and full of life.

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