The daughter of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines turns 6 years old, her mother shows off a series of beautiful close-up photos

The daughter of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines turns 6 years old, her mother shows off a series of beautiful close-up photos

The daughter of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines turns 6 years old, her mother shows off a series of beautiful close-up photos

The pretty face of Marian Rivera’s daughter makes everyone praise her.

Marian Rivera is an actress who has been called the most beautiful in the Philippines for many years, famous in many countries. The audience loves her not only for her acting career but also for her happy home with her handsome husband Dingdong and two lovely children.

Of the two children, Zia received the most attention because she was like the perfect copy of her beautiful mother, becoming the most expensive child model in the Philippines.

Just a few days ago, he was a baby in his mother’s arms. The little boy is now 6 years old and his mother has just organized a very grand birthday party with pink and white as the main color.

Zia shows off her bright smile and standard 10-point face: eyes that can smile clearly with double eyelids, high nose bridge, chubby mouth, V-line chin and radiant white skin.

Zia wore a white T-shirt and red dress on her birthday.

The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines couldn’t help but feel proud and emotional on her daughter’s special birthday.

The mother wrote a few lines on her personal page: ‘Zia turns 6 years old! My beloved daughter, I hope you continue to be a lovely, sweet and kind girl. You are a blessing to everyone.’ around’.

Following the Filipino beauty’s social networking page, you can see that in the days near her daughter’s 6th birthday, the mother showed off a series of close-up photos of Zia’s face without makeup.

The photo also attracted everyone’s attention because of its simple, unobtrusive style, but it captured all the beauty of a replica of the most beautiful mother in the Philippines.

Zia’s parents made her public right from the moment she was born and shared photos and information over the past 6 years. 

However, Marian Rivera did not create a separate social network account for her child because: ‘We want her to feel like she is a normal person like her friends, not a famous person at school…’.

‘When your child is old enough, he will decide for himself whether to use social networks or not,’ the mother said.

Marian Rivera even proudly boasted that her daughter received many advertising offers and her salary was not low.

The actress once shared with the media that her daughter has a high income and her own account.

‘I can reveal to you that Zia’s salary is higher than mine. However, all remuneration from filming commercials is transferred to her own account.’ 

The parents also plan that when their daughter turns 18 years old, she will give her the right to decide how to use this money because she has earned this money and has the right to use it. Currently, parents still manage the child on their behalf.

Zia is also very good at school. In addition to her mother tongue, she is fluent in English and Spanish and regularly participates in music and dance activities at school.

The girl often dresses up as famous characters at school festivals and always attracts everyone’s attention.

The mother revealed more about her daughter’s personality: she is independent, friendly with friends, affectionate, likes to hug, and say loving words to her parents.

She also often helps her mother look after her younger siblings, and knows how to help her parents feed her younger brother.

The family has financial means, but Marian and her husband agree to teach their child science, not letting the child rely on the family’s available material foundation. 

The girl is constantly given experiences by her parents through traveling and exploring the world.

Zia was trained by her parents to do housework based on her strength, to share work with adults and to become independent in the future.

Zia knows how to vacuum, sweep the garden, clean the house, wash dishes, actively helps her mother store milk, and is her mother’s assistant at work and on charity trips.

Fans expect Zia to become a perfect copy of her mother, from beauty to a simple, scandal-free lifestyle in the future.

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