Do You Know When Rashi Khanna Gets Angry

Raashi Khanna is one of the talented heroines in Telugu film industry who has made into the top league in the recent times. The actress is very much happy with the way she is leading her career and revealed that she is excited to be a part of some interesting movies. Meanwhile, she spoke about highs and lows in her career.
Rashi Khanna Gets AngryRashi Khanna Gets Angry
“I have a great confidence in myself. If I am determined to do something, I will certainly do it without any fail. I got this quality from my mother. I do a lot of hard work for every role that I am offered but I am never concerned about the end result.” Said Rashi Khanna.

She added, “People did not believe that I can act well until Tholi Prema released. I am aware of the criticism that was made on me for my previous films. If I did not do well in a particular scene, I criticise myself. I don’t know to compare myself with others but I try to maintain balance with everything in life,” adding, “I get instant angry when people are not on time and talk unnecessary things about others” said Rashi Khanna.

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