Aside from movies, these 7 sources of Akshay Kumar’s income contribute to his Rs 293 crore earnings

No wonder he’s among the richest celebrities in the world

side businesses Akshay Kumar owns

Akshay Kumar celebrated his 53rd birthday on September 9, 2020, even though he doesn’t look a day over 30. He is probably the most successful actor in Bollywood, considering that he was the only Indian actor on Forbes’ highest-paid actors in the world list, where he took the fourth place. Moreover, he also gained the 52nd spot on the publication’s richest celebrities in the world list, where the only Indian who could beat him was Virat Kohli.

Recently, we told you about how Akshay Kumar was paid ₹120 crore for featuring in an upcoming movie called, Atrangi Re. But Bollywood isn’t Khiladi Kumar’s only source of income. He endorses over 20 top brands and that contributes to a significant amount to his annual earning of ₹356 crore in 2020, as per Forbes. However, besides being a brilliant actor, Akshay Kumar has an astute business sense and owns several other side businesses. While there might be more, here are seven that we definitely know of.

Akshay Kumar owns these 7 side businesses

1. Best Deal TV
Best Deal TV is a Hindi 24/7 home shopping television channel, owned by Akshay Kumar and Raj Kundra. This channel was launched in March 2015, is free-to-air and is available across all major cable and DTH platforms.
2. Hari Om Entertainment – Production House
Akshay Kumar launched Hari Om Productions, based on his father’s name, with his mother, Aruna and wife Twinkle Khanna, in 2008. The label has bankrolled over 15 movies ranging from Singh Is Kinng to Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty, Airlift, Rustom and even Padman.
3. GOQii – Investor

side businesses Akshay Kumar owns

Akshay Kumar’s among the many investors in the health start-up

GOQii is a healthcare platform that was founded by former CEO & Founder of Indiagames. Although it is headquartered in California, it was made available in India in 2014 and has an office in Mumbai. Akshay Kumar invested in the start-up in 2019 as per a report by the Economic Times. He is among the company of other investors like Ratan Tata and Paytm founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, among others.
4. Grazing Goat Pictures – Production House
Grazing Goat Pictures is a film and TV production company owned by Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi. It was launched in 2011 and it’s first film was the National-award winning OMG — Oh My God! This company is involved in bankrolling a lot of regional films. So far it has produced 5 movies and one TV series called Jamai Raja.
5. FAU-G – Battle Royale Game

side businesses Akshay Kumar owns

The poster for FAU-G, the online battle royale game

You’re probably aware that PUBG, the popular online battle royale game, has been banned in India amid border tensions with China. A few day after this decision was announced, Akshay Kumar announced that he would be launching his own Battle Royale game. He also noted that 20% of all profits made from the app would be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer trust.
6. Khalsa Warriors (World Kabaddi League) – Sports Team
Akshay Kumar is big on sports and physical activities in general. He has also often expressed his support in PM Narendra Modi’s vocal for local policy. So, it completely makes sense that the sports team the actor owns plays a game originated and mostly played only in India. It features players from Ludhiana and competed in the World Kabaddi League in 2014.
7. Women’s Self Defense Centre – Founder

side businesses Akshay Kumar owns

Akshay Kumar at an WSDC event

Akshay Kumar is known for being a great martial artist. In fact, he holds a black belt in Karate. To help spread this passion and also arm the country’s women with some much-needed self defense skills, Akshay Kumar, along with Shiv Sena’s Aaditya Thackrey Thackeray, inaugurated the Women’s Self Defense Centre (WSDC) in Andheri, Mumbai. This institution imparts lessons on self-defense to women of any age free of cost.

With so many businesses to his name, it comes as no surprise that Akshay Kumar is the highest earning actor in India. Not only can he afford to buy private jets and Porches, he also makes sure to give back to the world. A Times of India report suggests that he pays the highest amount of tax in Bollywood. For six consecutive years, the actor has been paying ₹19 crore to the government. Moreover, he is also the most philanthropic actor in Bollywood, having donated over ₹25 crore towards fighting the coronavirus pandemic, according to Economic Times.

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